verify yourself

It starts with a simple verification process...

Only verified customers are eligible for bookings with any of the girls I represent, some of who may be off site and are only available by recommendation. In addition, verified clients gets to see selected full reveal photos. After we have established trust, you may be tiered as our VIP client. And from there, there are no restrictions whatsoever — you get to see any photo you request on demand via mobile.

Verify yourself in one of 3 ways:

Hotel Verification
by providing me with your last name, hotel and room number. I will call to the hotel to verify. You need not be in room to take the call.

Hotel Booking Confirmation
Forward me your hotel booking confirmation is a great way to verify yourself before you are checked in.

Advance Pre-Payment
For those who prefers discretion or house calls to a suitable address, I would require an advance deposit of 20% of the booking rate of the escort in advance.

Getting cosy...

Once verified and after a few bookings, you will be tiered as a trusted client. The girls I represent understands the difference between a verified client and a trusted client. 

You will experience a higher level of trust — which ultimately will mean a higher level of confidence & comfort — hence the level of gfe will be outstanding!

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Contactable via Voice, WhatsApp, Telegram
WeChat ID: RoyceEscorts65

Strictly no SMS

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“Woooyeahhhh! You are verified!”